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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide, demonstrate and deliver quality services in employment, consulting and human services to our communities in need. We accomplish this by empowering and developing our patrons. We at New Era Employment Services Inc. (NEES) use our knowledge and experience to surpass in excellence for our clients.

Our Philosophy is to service all people regardless of ethnicity, nationality or there vocational and educational barriers, can and should receive the support and opportunity to receive empowerment for self-reliance that will lead to a stronger foundation for stability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide to our consumers as well as to our community a facility to build and establish a relationship through dedication, hard work, consistency, assessment and support of a primary employment and human service initiative.

Our Purpose

To create a program that empowers individuals through employment services in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and to create the social and economic development in a New Era of employment that demands the greatest from our most vital resources. “Our Clients”

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